A self-supporting congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, we rely on year-round contributions for everything we experience at St. John’s: worship, music, Christian education, ministries that serve the needy in God's name in Spokane and around the world, and upkeep of our beautiful 1929 landmark building.

Current Operations

Pledges and offerings from members and friends of the Cathedral support its ongoing ministries. Your contribution enables the Cathedral to minister to persons who come through our doors, pay clergy and staff, celebrate with worship and music, and engage the wider community through formation, education and service. Additionally, some designated endowment funds help pay for building maintenance.

Those who contribute regularly to the Cathedral are encouraged to help the Cathedral leadership in fiscal planning by providing an estimate of giving (pledge) for the year ahead. Pledges can be made or amended at any time by contacting the Financial Secretary at the Cathedral Office, 509-838-4277. Many choose the convenient option of paying on-line or making regular payments by credit card.


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This form accepts payments toward

  • existing pledges
  • gifts to other ministries (such as music, children and youth, Christmas/Easter flowers, Haiti Partnership)
  • memorials
  • gifts to the Cathedral’s endowment funds

Make a Pledge

St. John's Cathedral touches the lives of thousands of people every year. Your pledge allows the Cathedral leadership to plan wisely as they manage a responsible budget and plan for strategic growth. Thank you for your support!

Please make a pledge of financial support to St. John’s Cathedral for the year ahead. Pledges can be made or amended at any time by contacting the Financial Secretary at the Cathedral Office, 509-838-4277. Thank you for your faithful generosity.

Special Gift Opportunities

Many choose to make special gifts to the Cathedral at particular times, on special occasions, on receipt of an unexpected windfall or when financial opportunities present themselves. Others sponsor a special event or program. Many make memorial gifts to the fabric of the Cathedral such as stained glass windows, carvings or other adornments, or practical needs such as the remodeling of the parish house kitchen and other furnishings and equipment.

Throughout the Cathedral's history, many friends and families have participated in establishing life gifts or planned gifts in order to expand upon or craete special endowments for the Cathedral in perpetuity.

For more information contact the Dean at the Cathedral Office, 509-838-4277.

Planned Giving and Endowments

Planned giving is a generous and effective way of ensuring the Cathedral’s future vibrancy. You can make a planned gift to St. John’s in a number of tax-beneficial ways, including wills, living trusts and other arrangements. Members of the clergy and the Cathedral Foundation trustees are happy to discuss this with you. You will also want to consult with your attorney or financial advisor for guidance in determining the planned gift approach that is right for you and your family.

For more information contact the Dean at the Cathedral Office, 509-838-4277.

Reflections on Stewardship

At its very best the Church is the only place in society where all you need to join is your own humanity, and where all you need to give is your own true self, and where all you are going to get is the unconditional love of God who created and sustains you.

At our very best, through the experience of liturgy, spiritual formation and community life within the Church, God transforms us, and makes us as generous and giving and compassionate as God in Christ has been for us, and so in this way God makes us a community that truly knows how to love each other because we truly know that God first loved us. In this way we become as St. Paul said, the living sacrament of Christ’s body.

Of course the Church is not always at her best, and we are not always at our best, and so the perfection for which we long stands forever just ahead of us. But where our vision is trained on that transforming image, where we live by the light of those best and highest hopes, we move steadily toward offering our truest and best selves to God and to each other, and so move ever closer to that moment when God’s will is done on earth as in heaven.

This in the end is why we go to this Cathedral, and support it with our time, our talents, our treasure. In Christ, God has given us a vision of what this world, and we in it, can be. Here is the place where on a weekly basis we reenact that vision through our Eucharistic fellowship, and pray together that we will be so open to God, that it will become an ever increasing reality in us.

by the Very Rev. Bill Ellis, Dean Emeritus of St. John's Cathedral