What is the Cathedral Chapter?

It would be easy to describe the Cathedral Chapter simply as a board of directors or a parish council (Vestry in Episcopal Church terminology). But the Chapter is more than that. At its heart it is a group of 13 elected Cathedral members who commit to be good stewards of the Cathedral’s resources. That means that they embrace its mission, wisely manage its finances and property, operate as directors of its corporation and provide counsel to the Dean. They value the Cathedral’s history, live into the challenges of the present and plan for the future.

Twelve chapter members are elected for three-year terms and one, a youth member, is elected for a one-year term. Those elections occur at the annual meeting in January. There are also three officers. The Senior Warden, a leadership role, is appointed by the Bishop and is not among the regular elected members.  The Junior Warden is elected from among the members of Chapter. Ex-officio members include the Service League president, the Treasurer and the Curate  (assisting clergy person).

The Chapter normally meets the third Tuesday of each month and meetings are open to visitors except when an executive session is necessary. The Bishop is the president of the Cathedral Corporation, but traditionally the Dean presides at Chapter meetings. 

Current members of the Chapter are:

  • Jason Brown
  • Colin Haffner
  • Jim Holmes
  • Michael Leiserson
  • Isabella McDonnell
  • Karen Byrne
  • Katherine Karr-Cornejo
  • Gretchen Ramey
  • Elizabeth Rosenzweig
  • Justin Haldeman
  • Kathie Hawkins
  • Patti Stice
  • John Wallingford


Lay leadership positions include:

  • Senior Warden - John Wallingford
  • Junior Warden - Katherine Karr-Cornejo
  • Chancellor - Jason Brown


Additionally, the Chapter oversees eight standing committees:
•Mission and Strategy
•Education and Youth
•Lay Ministries
As with most organizations, the standing committees vary in their activity and regularity of meeting.
Assorted task forces, teams, and other groups form, as needed, to provide special events, new programs, etc.

Chapter Minutes - February 10. 2018

Members present: Jason Brown, Karen Byrne, Colin Haffner, Justin Haldeman, Kathie Hawkins, Jim Holmes, Katherine Karr-Cornejo, Michael Leiserson, Gretchen Ramey, Patti Stice, John Wallingford, The Rev. Canon Kristi Philip 

Ex-Oficio members present: Linda Finney (Service League Liaison), Karen Martin (Cathedral Treasurer) 

Members not present: Isabella McDonnell, Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Business session opened at the conclusion of the Chapter retreat at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. The first order of business was the election of officers and positions for the Chapter.

Colin Haffner volunteered to serve as the Recording Secretary. Gretchen Ramey motioned to approve the position. It was seconded by Jason Brown. The motion passed unanimously.

The role of Jr. Warden was opened for nominations. Katherine Karr-Cornejo was put forth as the candidate. John Wallingford motioned to approve Katherine, and it was seconded by Michaela Leiserson. The motion passed unanimously.

The Secretary of the Corporation was put forward as the next position. Jason Brown made a brief explanation of the role of Secretary. Karen Byrne asked a point of clarification as to who was eligible for the role, as to whether it must be a member of Chapter or another member of the Cathedral. Jason Brown then put his name forward for the position. It was moved for approval by Gretchen Ramey, and seconded by Katherine Karr-Cornejo. The motion passed unanimously.

The Treasurer was then put forward for election. John Wallingford nominated Karen Martin and moved to approve her. Gretchen Ramey seconded, and the motion passed by consensus.

Karen Martin gave a brief explanation of the Treasurer’s role at the Cathedral and set up a time for new Chapter members and any other members to meet for an introduction to reading the budget and finances.

Old Business

Linda Finney updated Chapter on upgrades to the Guild rooms. She indicated the first step was replacing the carpeting and sought approval for the next step of covering the space above the fireplace. She asked to consider a previous proposal for accepting a donation for a mirror to hang above the fireplace and indicated the donor would a form of recognition of the donation in their daughter’s name to go with the mirror. The Service League would pay for the costs of the moving and installation of the mirror. There was a discussion as to how the recognition could be done as the intent was for this to be a non-permanent (removable as needed) addition to the Guild Room. Preference was made for a sign attached directly to the mirror. Kathie Hawkins motioned to accept the gift, and clarification was asked by Linda Finney as to whether Service League should also frame the mirror. Jason Brown then motioned to accept the gift as discussed and to include framing. Michael Leiserson seconded and the motion passed.

Katherine Karr-Cornejo received no volunteers for emergency snow removal on the drive and sidewalks around the Cathedral. She will attempt to recruit volunteers again at a later time.

New Business

John Wallingford noted that Rev. Susan Cleveley, the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Transition Officer, was initially scheduled to meet with Chapter at the March meeting to talk about the Dean search. After some discussion, Chapter asked to see if dates were available for a special meeting with Rev. Cleveley at another time.

John Wallingford then talked about a desire to review the current bylaws for some cleanup of wording, clarity, and a review on the policy regarding the timing of election of officers to the Corporation, among other items.

A Property report was relayed by John Wallingford. Bill Selby will remain as the chair for the Property Committee. A list of numerous property issues that have been addressed at the Cathedral was shared. Mr. Wallingford asked to commend the committee on their work in regard to their ability to address issues as they come. Karen Byrne asked if it is possible for a list of property priority needs & objectives could be provided to Chapter. This will be worked on. Kristi Philip also reminded the group that there is an idea of hospitality through property to also keep in mind. Katherine Karr-Cornejo noted the Property Committee would benefit from increased age and gender diversity, noted to liaison Jason Brown to relate.

Karen Martin gave a finance report. First report was that there was no new report since the January Chapter meeting, as the Finance Committee did not meet until the following Tuesday (February 13). She would send the report via email to the Chapter following that meeting. Pledges are still below the desired level, and Chapter may need to look at how to trim the budget if the pledges can not be raised. John Wallingford informed Chapter that he would work with the Stewardship Committee on strategies to increase the pledging and include Chapter members as needed to help with this. New and interested members should attend a presentation by Karen on reading finance reports, 20 Feb 6:30pm (the usual Chapter meeting date of third Tuesday, and time).  Jason will also present on bylaws at that orientation session. 

A short discussion focused on the reminder that Chapter meetings are open for attendance by members of the Cathedral.

There was a reminder that Chapter must approve to pay bills as funds become available. Jason Brown made a motion to do so, John Wallingford seconded the motion, and it was passed.

Chapter members then discussed their roles as liaisons on the standing committees of the Cathedral. All members of Chapter will serve on at least one committee as a member or liaison. The assignments are as follows:

  • Education & Youth: Colin Haffner, Katherine Karr-Cornejo, Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Isabella McDonnell
  • Lay Ministries (this committee to be formed): Kathie Hawkins
  • Property: Jason Brown
  • Finance: Karen Martin, Justin Haldeman
  • Outreach (this committee to be formed): Michael Leiserson, Gretchen Ramey
  • Stewardship: Karen Byrne, Colin Haffner
  • Communications: Jim Holmes, Patti Stice

Colin Haffner made a presentation on behalf of the Education & Youth Committee for a digital display to be placed in the Welcome Center. This display would be interactive and allow for information and videos promoting the Cathedral and its events to be displayed in a visible area. Chapter asked Mr. Haffner to continue working with the committee on the proposal in order to delineate the rules for acceptable content, funding requirements, security, and bring the proposal back to Chapter.

The meeting concluded with a closing prayer and adjourned at 1:39pm.