Worship & Music

At St. John's, liturgies are filled with historic beauty of language, music and architecture

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"Those who sing pray twice" ~ St. Augustine
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Beautiful music in a beautiful setting
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Faith under construction
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Celebration and blessing of a lifelong covenant
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Becoming part of the Body of Christ
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Ministry with those who are grieving


How long do regular services last?

  • The Sunday 10:30am service usually lasts 75-90 minutes.
  • The Saturday 5:30pm and Sunday 8am services usually last 60 minutes.
  • The Wednesday 10am service usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

What do people wear?

It’s pretty much up to you. Clothing ranges from jeans to business casual to suit coats or dresses. The Cathedral can be a little cool in the winter, so sweaters are recommended.

Can we bring children to worship services?

All children are welcome to attend worship services with their families. In fact, we have an area in the sanctuary with quiet toys and rocking chairs for parents with young children, and activity worship packets young people can use during worship. We also have Sunday School at 8am and 10:30am every Sunday during the school year, with the children joining the congregation after the sermon. There's child care for infants and toddlers 9am-noon.

Are your services accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes! The Welcome Center entrance is wheelchair-accessible. The Cathedral contains several open spaces for wheelchairs. Assisting listening headsets are available.