What is the Cathedral Chapter?

It would be easy to describe the Cathedral Chapter simply as a board of directors or a parish council (Vestry in Episcopal Church terminology). But the Chapter is more than that. At its heart it is a group of 13 elected Cathedral members who commit to be good stewards of the Cathedral’s resources. That means that they embrace its mission, wisely manage its finances and property, operate as directors of its corporation and provide counsel to the Dean. They value the Cathedral’s history, live into the challenges of the present and plan for the future.

Twelve chapter members are elected for three-year terms and one, a youth member, is elected for a one-year term. Those elections occur at the annual meeting in January. There are also three officers. The Senior Warden, a leadership role, is appointed by the Bishop and is not among the regular elected members.  The Junior Warden is elected from among the members of Chapter. Ex-officio members include the Service League president, the Treasurer and the Curate  (assisting clergy person).

The Chapter normally meets the third Tuesday of each month and meetings are open to visitors except when an executive session is necessary. The Bishop is the president of the Cathedral Corporation, but traditionally the Dean presides at Chapter meetings. 

Current members of the Chapter are:

  • Jason Brown
  • Colin Haffner
  • Jim Holmes
  • Michael Leiserson
  • Isabella McDonnell
  • Karen Byrne
  • Katherine Karr-Cornejo
  • Gretchen Ramey
  • Elizabeth Rosenzweig
  • Justin Haldeman
  • Kathie Hawkins
  • Patti Stice
  • John Wallingford


Lay leadership positions include:

  • Senior Warden - John Wallingford
  • Junior Warden - Katherine Karr-Cornejo
  • Chancellor - Jason Brown


Additionally, the Chapter oversees eight standing committees:
•Mission and Strategy
•Education and Youth
•Lay Ministries
As with most organizations, the standing committees vary in their activity and regularity of meeting.
Assorted task forces, teams, and other groups form, as needed, to provide special events, new programs, etc.

Chapter Minutes - July 17, 2018

Chapter Members present: Michael Leiserson, Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Katherine Karr-Cornejo, Jason Brown, Colin Haffner, Kathie Hawkins, Gretchen Ramey, John Wallingford, The Rev. Canon Kristi Philip, Karen Byrne

Ex-Officio: Karen Martin (Treasurer)

Others attending: None

Kristi P. opened the meeting with prayer at 6:32 pm.

John W. made opening remarks outlining the agenda.

Katherine K-C. gave a report on General Convention. She served as a lay deputy for the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane. Katherine talked about key takeaways from General Convention, a meeting of all Episcopal Dioceses every three years. Katherine served as one of two deputies from St. John’s Cathedral, Pia Longinotti was the other. Points of interest at convention were: use of expansive language in liturgy, the set up of a truth & reconciliation commission, lifting of the statute of limitations on Title IV, immigration, Palestine, responsible investing, welcoming back the Diocese of Cuba, salary for the President of the House of Deputies, and Book of Common Prayer revision. Diocesan deputies will provide more details about convention later on.

Michael L. moved to approve the June minutes, Katherine K-C. seconded, and the motion passed.

The verger report was tabled to be part of the property report.

John W. discussed the need for three people to help with the job description for an Associate Priest search. Karen M. reminded Chapter that there is a current description to begin with. Karen B., Elizabeth R., Jason B., and Kathie H. volunteered to be on the committee.

John W. introduced the idea of a core document binder. He presented a draft model for Stewardship Committee membership as an example, and proposed models be created for descriptions of committees. No action was taken.

John W. presented on the Transition Team. The first meeting occurred July 15 with 13 people present and another 6 people not present but interested in helping. The installation date for the new Dean is to be determined. Coordinators for different aspects of the transition are getting in place.

John W. talked about the idea of “Friends of the Cathedral.” This would be a way to connect the Cathedral with community and people outside the region. Karen M. proposed Chapter be responsible for creating guidelines before going any further. No action was taken.

Jason B. presented the property report:

Jason expressed that the repairs of the deanery were happening and Richie Parsons, in charge of maintenance at the Cathedral, has been doing quite a bit of work on the structure. A bid was made for work and upgrades on the nursery and three options are being reviewed. The verger’s apartment downstairs received bids for painting and floor work. Jason informed that Chapter approval was needed to move forward with the work. Chapter also needs to determine the appropriate use of the apartment, including the expectations of any tenant. Jason B. moved to approve the repairs and renovations, Gretchen Ramey seconded, and the motion passed. Other projects being discussed by property include gutter work and improvements to the Columbarium waterfountain feature.

Karen M. presented the finance report:

A draft of the audit is done and needs Chapter approval to finalize. Karen M. shared that some edits were needed. Jason B. raised a concern that not all Cathedral accounts are in the audit, which is against canons. Kathie H. moved to authorize the Finance Committee to make any changes needed and accept the audit, Michael L. seconded, and the motion passed. Karen M. then shared that pledge income has dipped and the plate is under budget. Expenses are also running under. A gift was received in July and will go to the Dean Ellis Fund. Chapter was asked to approve how to fund expenses for the Dean search and transition. Jason B. moved to take $15,000 from the Jansen account, the remaining amount needed from budget reserves, and search for small gifts. Katherine K-C seconded the motion and it passed. Employee changes will affect the budget with Lucas Kulhanek-Arenas and The Rev. Nic Mather both leaving in August. These will both result in small savings on salaries. The Johnston-Fix Foundation approved using grant to help fund the nursery remodel. A donation was received for operations at the Cathedral. Finance recommended putting the donation into the endowment until determining how to utilize it. Michael L. moved to approve putting the $100,000 donation into the endowment until Chapter determined how to utilize it, Jason B. seconded the motion, and it passed. Karen M. then introduced two new ways to give monetarily to the Cathedral, via text and Square. Jason B. moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, Kathie H. seconded, and the motion passed. Jason B. moved to pay bills as funds become available, Gretchen Ramey seconded, and the motion passed.

The Jr. Warden report commended Bishop Rehberg for speaking about the Church Pension Group at General Convention.

The Sr. Warden offered discussion on the new sign design. It was determined the subject needed more discussion. It was announced that Sarah Robertson will co-chair the Stewardship Committee, and the Outreach Committee is ready to reconvene as a group.

The Interim Vicar shared that she is working with the Director of Children and Youth Ministries to have things set up for when he leaves and a part-time person is in place to lead the youth group in the fall.

Chapter closed in prayer at 8:41pm and adjourned.