Opportunities to grow, connect and serve

. . . proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ
. . . seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself
. . . strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being

These promises from the Baptismal Covenant inspire all that we do here at St. John's Cathedral. The myriad activities and organizations provide a wide range of opportunities for any person to share his or her talents doing God's work in enriching ways.

We encourage you to contribute your gifts and talents to the Cathedral's ministries. If you're not sure where you fit in, talk to one of the priests or other staff.

In addition to the formal groups named below, we have a variety of options for developing relationships within the Cathedral community. Don't see anything that matches your interest? Talk to a staff member about starting something new!

Service League & Guilds

Church Service League — Coordinates activities between and among the Cathedral guilds, and operates The Windfall thrift store. Each Guild is represented on the Service League Board, along with Service League officers.

Altar Guild - Cares for the vessels and fine linens of the altar, sets up for the Eucharist, and oversees special services' decor.

Bishop’s Guild — Supports the work of the Bishop and accepts other responsibilities as requested by the Bishop. Open to anyone in the Diocese of Spokane.

St. Monica’s Guild — Supports ministries within and outside the Cathedral. They also provide catering services for many Cathedral events.

St. Nicholas Guild — Supports Christian Education, especially for children and young people. They also support Crosswalk, Meals on Wheels, and Cup of Cool Water.

Cathedral Landscape Association — Funds, develops and improves the Cathedral grounds. Anyone interested in maintaining and enhancing the Cathedral as a public trust of the community is welcome.

Daughters of the King — A spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of prayer and service, with chapters in churches across the US. Our chapter is St. Hilda of Whitby.

Brotherhood of St. John’s — A ministry of men who strive to come closer to Christ through study, prayer, service and worship.


Worship Ministries

Worship services involve a number of commited persons. If you're interested in becoming involved in one of these ministries, contact the office.

Acolytes - Assist the clergy and people during the liturgy. They also assist the priests and deacons at the altar. Primarily youth 4th grade and older.

Lectors - Read the Old Testament lesson and the Epistle during worship.

Ushers - Greet worshippers, distribute bulletins, and collect the offering.

Chalice Bearers - Assist with the Eucharist at the Sunday 10:30am service.

Vergers - Assist the clergy in the logistics of the service. Much of their work is done "behind the scenes."

Cathedral Choirs - Enrich the weekly worship services with beautiful music; for more info